Another lovely stay at La Roche D’Esteil

Another lovely stay at La Roche D’Esteil

This is our third visit to this beautiful B&B situated in Sainte Nathalene not far from Sarlat in the Dordogne region of France.

On this trip there were 7 of us occupying 4 of the 5 rooms. Each time we go we always book the same room, it’s like a home from home. The rooms are decorated in a contemporary shabby chic character that is really refreshing. The house and grounds are very well kept with your unlimited access to most areas including the pool and all the sun lounges.
Because of the multitude of trees and plants there is plenty of shade if you just want to chill and keep out of the sun!

Breakfasts at La Roche D’Esteil are very filling with an amazing assortment of different types of continental breakfast with beautiful homemade yoghurt, pastries, bread, ham, cheese and eggs which is enough to keep you going well into the afternoon.

Chef Maarten is a character!! Once a week he does a special dinner which he slaves over for the whole day to give people an experience of his food which seems to be his main passion. For which I have to say his hard work really shines through giving you an experience of really high end cuisine at a fraction of the cost of a Michelin restaurant. In our opinion there is really no comparison to any other restaurant in the Sarlat area to Maarten’s cooking.

We highly recommend visiting Maarten’s and Karen’s beautiful B&B in the heart of the Dordogne.
Hands down 5 stars………